innovative milling centers

Our strengths …

from the prototype through to the series production of over 100,000 units – from plastic through to super-duplex steel and forgings – tool making and device engineering

We are a systems supplier that specialises in manufacturing components for the automotive, electrical and mechanical engineering industry. We develop the best technical and most cost-effective solution for each of your projects.


Highly flexible CNC lathes

With expertise and know-how …


METTEC CNC combines accuracy and agility to surpass the demands of our customers.

Whether PROTOTYPES of up to ten units or large series of up to 40,000 UNITS, we are the right port of call for orders of all sizes.

Cutting-edge TOOL MAKING AND DEVICE ENGINEERING at the Buchkirchen site promise MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY and product implementation in the shortest possible time. 24 innovative milling centres make the high-precision realisation of 3-AXIS through to highly complex 5-AXIS MACHINING possible. The following range is available: Maximum x-axis 3000 mm

Maximum y-axis 800 mm • Maximum z-axis 1100 mm

From LIGHTWEIGHT MACHINING through to HEAVY-DUTY MACHINING, manufacturing is our passion.

Perfection down to the smallest detail …


Precision, accuracy and integrity are our constant companions and ensure CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. In the turning production area, the company has access to a total of 19 highly flexible, CNC-controlled lathes. Single-spindle and multi-spindle machining centres enable the production of diameters BETWEEN 8 MM AND 600 MM, while the TURNING LENGTH ranges UP TO 1300 MM.

The company’s IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE RANGE means that it is up to any task. The METTEC CNC team machines parts turned from bar stock or insert parts, such as forged or cast parts, with commitment and enthusiasm and LEAVES NO CUSTOMER REQUEST UNFULFILLED. Precise hard turning makes it possible for us to replace certain grinding processes. This is characterised by shorter delivery times, cost-optimised operation and maximum ENVIRONMENTAL COMPATIBILITY.

We are always focussed on manufacturing PRECISION TURNED PARTS of the highest level and quality and bring the ideas of our customers to life.