Our specific strengths lie in machining aluminium sand and gravity die castings, an area in which we have 20 years of experience. Our customers particularly appreciate the cost-effective production, dimensional accuracy and precision that is ensured with comprehensive testing.

    In the development phase, we consult with our customers to clarify whether a sand casting or gravity die casting is the optimal solution for the specific application, or whether a forging or a profile should be considered.


    Forgings are your first choice if maximum strength is required. Mettec offers the complete machining, including surface finishing, of the popular materials of steel and aluminium.


    Popular plastics, such as polyurethane, are also milled and turned in conjunction with metal.


    With a pressing force of 660 to 3500 tonnes, our partner companies create aluminium profiles precisely aligned to your individual requirements. Seamless quality controls, from the primary materials through to CNC machining and the finished product, take place as a matter of course. We also offer a wide range of optional surface finishes.


    To track and identify your commissioned components, we offer the latest laser marking with Data Matrix Code and Barcode for outstanding protection against forgery: absolutely abrasion-proof, no component deformation, even on curved surfaces, and available as serial numbering.


    We offer various surface finishes for your components in collaboration with our competent partners. From sand-blasting, powder coating, varnishing, burnishing, phosphating, galvanising, anodising and polishing through to hard-coating and anti-friction coating.